Tony Wood (10.29.08) In his message on 10.29.08, Tony Wood of Crossroads Christian Church explores the duality of today's "Christian"; one moment proclaiming His name with our mouths only to denounce it with our actions later on. Mr. Wood goes on to explain why this is using 1 Kings 18 as today's text.

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In his message on 10.17.08, CBU alumni and pastor of Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mitch Harrison expands on the core concept of Ephesians 4:29; that being the edification and lifting up of individuals. This core value should be expressed by all, not only those at CBU, but also around the world.
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In her message on 10.15.08, CBU's Director of International Service Projects, Kristen White, challenges CBU students to look outside of their comfort zone. This message serves as a reminder to all Christians that evangelism isn't just something to be done in our own backyard but also all around the world as we "reach out with purpose."
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Dennis Jernigan (10.10.08) In his message on 10.10.08, Dennis Jernigan, author of classic Christian songs such as All in All, uses his musical talents to continue to inspire Christians across the country. To find out more about Dennis, you may visit his website @

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Dr. Jeff Mooney (10.08.08) In his message on 10.08.08, CBU professor of Theology, Dr. Jeff Mooney, delivers an exhilarating sermon on the heart and nature of a Christian. This message skips amongst many different parts of Scripture to embody how a Christian in today's world should act towards one another and his/her enemies. With these actions in mind, Dr. Mooney explains just how a Christian should "serve with purpose."

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Milton Vincent (10.03.08) In his message on 10.03.08, Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church's pastor, Milton Vincent, delivers a message to the Cal Baptist student body that fully encompasses the Good News of the Gospel. This message demonstrates why humans are deserving of hell and why God, who's merciful, has given us a chance at redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

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