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A few CBU Seniors share from their experiences about how they've grown in their time at CBU spiritually as well as challenge students continuing with their education on how to get the most out of their time in school.

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Charlie Peacock (3.30.11)

Singer-Songwriter, Author, and Record Producer Charlie Peacock comes to CBU to speak in the Christ and Culture Lecture Series. Charlie touches on his experiences in the music industry and his journey to becoming a culture maker for the Kingdom of God.

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Brian Zunigha (3.25.11)

CBU Director of Campus Minstries, Brian Zunigha talks from Isaiah 6 about God's holiness, how by being His followers we are also made holy, and what our proper response to his reaching out to us should be.

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Ronny Roa (3.23.11)

Ronny Roa, Generate Pastor at Crossroads Church in Corona, CA talks to the CBU student body about claiming the promises of Christ in their lives, walking in the path that God has planned , and becoming lion chasers not lion tamers.

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The Office of Mobilization talks about the nations coming to the urban centers of the united states, our responsibility and opportunity to take the gospel to them, and commissions USP teams leaving for the field during Spring Break.

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John Montgomery (03.04.11)

Dean of Spiritual Life John Montgomery talks about community and what our proper response should be to receiving God's love and what that looks like in our daily lives.

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Daniel Bishop continues the talk about surrender and the fruits that Jonah saw in his life after his submission to God from Jonah 2.

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Eric Samuel Timm (2.9.11)

Artist, author, and speaker Eric Samuel Timm of No One Underground ministries performs a live art experience and talks to CBU Chapel about the importance of living out your faith and painting Jesus accurately with our lives way to world.

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Brian Zunigha (01.26.11)

Brian Zunigha, Director of Campus Ministries at California Baptist University walks through scripture demonstrating how God has revealed the theme, His purpose, and what our response to those answers should be.

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John Montgomery (01.21.11)

John continues the second part of his message from Colossians. This week starting in Colossians 3 and looking at how Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Gospel and the importance of understanding that concept as authentic followers of Christ.

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John Montgomery (01.19.11)

John Montgomery, Dean of Spiritual Life at California Baptist University talks from Colossians 2 about "Religiosity", righteousness, and discerning authenticity in our walks with Christ.

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John Montgomery, Dean of Spiritual Life at California Baptist University talks about what Christmas really means to us as believers. John tells the story of Jesus birth and explains how it revolutionizes history.

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Dr. Micah Parker (11.19.10)

Dr. Micah Parker, Director of Athletics at California Baptist University talks about what it means to be a successful leader for Christ and the necessary steps for being effective.

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Josh Beckley (11.10.10)

Pastor Josh Beckley of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship in San Bernardino, California talks to CBU students about the importance of discerning what the Lord is calling us to do as followers of Christ.

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Rick York (11.05.10)

Coach Rick York, Director of Athletic Academic Services at California Baptist University talks about the importance of understanding our need for Jesus on a daily basis.

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Brad Buser (10.27.10)

Brad Buser of Clairmont Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Diego, California talks about his journey in answering God's call for his life to the nations and the importance of being a globally minded follower of Jesus Christ.

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Andy Kampman (10.06.10)

Andy Kampman of Every Ethne Ministries talks about the importance of reaching out globally for the sake of Christ.

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Matt Brown (09.29.10)

Pastor Matt Brown fo Sandals Church talks about prayer and the importance of battling sin in our walk with Christ.

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