Greg Koukl (12.04.09) In his message on 12.04.09, Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason shares his testimony of how God transformed his life.  He explains that walking with our savior is not an easy life but it is a life that is worth the difficult experiences we may face. He then presents four hard realities of spiritual growth.
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Brian Zunigha (12.02.09) In his message on 12.02.09, Director of Campus Ministries, Brian Zunigha discusses CBU's continuing theme of "living with purpose" while using Philippians 1 as a backdrop for his sermon. Three main points made by Mr. Zunigha are faith in God, rejoicing in the Gospel and living Christ-like.

Direct download: Brian_Zunigha_12.02.09.mp3
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Dr. Micah Parker (11.11.09) In his message on 11.11.09, Dr. Micah G. Parker, California Baptist University's Director of Athletics communicates his thoughts and words on the idea of one simple word: trust. Coming from a sports background, one can be sure there will a lot of sporting analogies in this positive yet realistic message to the CBU student body.

Direct download: Dr._Micah_Parker_11.11.09.mp3
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John Thomas (10.30.09) In his message on 10.30.09, Pastor John Thomas, hailing from South Africa less than 15 miles from the southern most part of Africa, shares his insights and knowledge about his calling to help missionaries and the poor. Mr. Thomas' passion for the poor challenges CBU's student body to continue to strive towards helping those in our community who have very little.

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John Montgomery (10.28.09) In his message on 10.28.09, CBU's Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery, shares how important it is that one professing to be a Christian, not only believe in eternal life in heaven for the saved, but also eternal punishment in hell for those unrepentant of their sin. Today's primary passage is Luke 16, the story of Lazarus.

Direct download: John_Montgomery_10.28.09.mp3
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Dave Gibbons (10.21.09) In his message on 10.21.09, Pastor Dave Gibbons of Newsong Church located in Tustin, California shares a message of this generation and how it should learn to truly worship God; not just through music and service, but most of all through the reading of His Word.

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Chaplain Norris Burkes (10.16.09) In his message on 10.16.09, Chaplain Norris Burkes shares stories spanning his career as a chaplain in the United States Army. Chaplain Burkes defines the difference between pastors and chaplains and helps Cal Baptist students realize that they are called to go out and share the Gospel throughout the world.

Direct download: Chaplain_Norris_Burkes_10.16.09.mp3
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Landon Dowden (10.14.09) In his message on 10.14.09, Crosspoint Baptist Church of Baton Rogue, Louisiana's senior pastor Landon Dowden expositly presents Colossians 1 to Cal Baptist's faculty, staff and student body. As already noted, Colossians 1 is the primary passage for this week's sermon.

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Michael Kelley (10.09.09) Seek Week Fall 2009 -

In his message on 10.09.09, Threads Media editor Michael Kelley concludes his three-part series entitled "Walk Deep" by teaching CBU's students how to "wrestle" with God. Today's primary passage used is Genesis 32:22-32 which talks about Jacob wrestling with God.

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Michael Kelley (10.07.09) Seek Week Fall 2009 -

In his message on 10.07.09, Threads Media editor Michael Kelley continues his three-part series entitled "Walk Deep" by inviting CBU students to read 'deep' into Isaiah 58, which is the passage primarily used for this sermon. Mr. Kelley points out that the church should not only be known what it is against but also what it is for.

Direct download: Michael_Kelley_10.07.09.mp3
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Michael Kelley (10.05.09) Seek Week Fall 2009 -

In his message on 10.05.09, Threads Media editor Michael Kelley delves into Genesis 5 and covers what would normally be considered a boring subject: genealogy. It begins his three-part series entitled "Walk Deep" that challenges students to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord during this Seek Week.

Direct download: Michael_Kelley_10.05.09.mp3
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In his message on 09.30.09, Claude Hickman of Live Life on Purpose and The Traveling Team ministries explains the history of the Great Commission and how many of Christianity's mobilization teams got their start. Using these examples as jumping points, Claude demonstrates how we can use resources around us to fulfill the Great Commission.

Direct download: Claude_Hickman_09.30.09.mp3
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John Montgomery (09.16.09) In his message on 09.16.09, CBU's Dean of Spirtual Life, John Montgomery opens up the Chapel year with an in-depth study of Hebrews 12:1-3. In this study, students learn that our Christian ancestors have blazed a trail and set forth a standard which we all should strive to obtain: enduring the race set before us looking unto Jesus for strength and hope.

Direct download: John_Montgomery_09.16.09.mp3
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Student Chapel (04.01.09) In their messages on 04.01.09, CBU students Holly Strand, Tim Cahill and Cara Marsile share their personal stories regarding God's prominence in their lives. While each student has a differing story in how they came "out of the cave and into the light" they all share a common bond: sinners saved by grace.

Direct download: Student_Chapel_04.01.09.mp3
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Michael Kelley (03.27.09) In his message on 03.27.09, Lifeway's Michael Kelley discusses what a Christian's disposition towards the slowing U.S. economy should be and why it should Biblically be that way. Mr. Kelley uses Luke chapter 16 for today's message.

Direct download: Michael_Kelley_03.27.09.mp3
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Curtis Jones (03.25.09) In his message on 03.25.09, pastor Curtis Jones of Living Proof ministries shares the story of 2 Timothy 1:6-7 in hopes of reaching the CBU student body with answers he never got while attending a Baptist university. This passage uses 2 Timothy as its main passage for today.

Direct download: Curtis_Jones_03.25.09.mp3
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John Montgomery (03.11.09) In his message on 03.11.09, CBU's Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery describes in detail just what it means to follow after Christ. John's details on Jesus' death and its meaning in for the world can be a bit graphic during this sermon however it must be noted that this depiction is more than likely on the lighter end of the subject. John uses multiple Bible passages today.
Direct download: John_Montgomery_03.11.09.mp3
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Dr. David S. Dockery (03.06.09) Christ & Culture Lecture Series-
In his message on 03.06.09, Dr. David S. Dockery, president of Union University located in Jackson, Tennessee, concludes CBU's Christ & Culture Lecture Series by communicating his view of where denominations should be today and whether or not they even matter at this point in our culture. This concludes Dr. Dockery's lecture series.

Direct download: Dr._David_S._Dockery_03.06.09.mp3
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Dr. David S. Dockery (03.04.09) Christ & Culture Lecture Series-
In his message on 03.04.09, Dr. David S. Dockery, president of Union University located in Jackson, Tennessee, begins CBU's Christ & Culture Lecture Series by communicating his view of how denominations have been broken down and where they should go from here. Dr. Dockery's lecture will conclude this Friday.

Direct download: Dr._David_S._Dockery_03.04.09.mp3
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Dennis Jernigan (02.27.09) In his message on 02.27.09, Dennis Jernigan proclaims the lovingkindess God has shared in his life to CBU body. In this 45 minute presentation of song and sermon, Mr. Jernigan challenges the students to know, understand and repent towards Jesus, acknowledging Him as their Savior from hell and their wrong-doings.

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Leah O'Brien-Amico (02.18.09) In her message on 02.18.09, softball Olympian and 3-time Gold Medalist Leah O'Brien-Amico tells the story of how a seemingly great life is not all it seems to be. Her story tells the journey of one supposed Christian girl growing up only to find out that her actions did not speak the same message as her mouth because her foundation was not on The Rock. The main Bible passage used today is Matthew 7:24-29.

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Seek Week-
In his message on 02.13.09, Claude Hickman addresses the CBU body about the importance of reaching out to the community around us as well as across the globe. Mr. Hickman stresses the importance of God's name being proclaimed throughout the earth and that His will be done, not our own.

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Dr. Walter Price (02.11.09) Seek Week-
In his message on 02.11.09, Dr. Walter Price, senior pastor of The Fellowship in the Pass church in Beaumont, California, addresses the importance in understanding the true Gospel in its unfiltered form. Dr. Price uses Acts 2 to demonstrate how the Gospel as portrayed in Luke 24 is put into action by the Church Founders.

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Rick Holland (02.09.09)
Seek Week-
In his message on 02.09.09, Pastor Rick Holland of Grace Community Church located in Sun Valley, CA, leads off CBU's Seek Week with a message concerning the very heart and nature of God. Using Jonathan Edwards "Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God" sermon as a jumping point, Pastor Holland leads the CBU body in a clear study of Romans 5:6-11, which serves as today's Biblical passage.

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Dr. Amy Stumpf (02.04.09) In her message on 02.04.09, CBU's only female professor of Christian Studies, Dr. Amy Stumpf brings her trademark ukulele, a 'can-do' attitude and some very special guests to the attention of the student body by addressing the very serious topic of human trafficking during CBU's "Justice Week." Dr. Stumpf stays within the book of Ephesians throughout her sermon.

Direct download: Dr._Amy_Stumpf_02.04.09.mp3
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Dr. Tom Nettles (01.21.09) In his message on 01.21.09, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary doctor of theological history, Dr. Tom Nettles recounts the greatest purpose one can have is to be called by the Father before the foundations of the world to suffer for Him in grace. The primary Biblical passage of this message is 2 Timothy 1:8-14.

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In his message on 01.14.09, The Lamb's Fellowship of Murrieta pastor, Ryan Sharp, conveys the answer of God as the ultimate and only source of truth. In the process of this explanation, Mr. Sharp answers the chief end of man, what our purpose is on this earth and finally just how our culture today has been skewed regarding things of God's Word.

Direct download: Ryan_Sharp_01.14.08.mp3
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In his message on 01.09.09, Saddleback Church's teaching pastor, Tom Holladay, discusses three "growth stoppers" and three "growth starters" to the Christian life. Mr. Holladay's major passage of interest is that of the parable of the seed and the sower and is used extensively in this sermon.

Direct download: Tom_Holladay_01.09.09.mp3
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John Montgomery (01.07.09) In his message on 01.07.09, CBU's Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery divulges much information in proving the validity to the Bible's claim as "ultimate truth" in a manner worth listening to. Mr. Montgomery uses many passages of the Bible to convey this message; however, his main point can be driven home through the reading of 2 Timothy 3:16.

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