Dr. Dan Wilson (09.24.08) In his message on 9.24.08, CBU's Dean of Christian Ministries, Dr. Dan Wilson challenges students to strive for spiritual maturity by getting connected in/with the fellowship of believers. This message uses Acts 2 to demonstrate the cooperation and undertaking by new believers to "connect with purpose" and shows just how that principle is applicable to Christians today.

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John Montgomery (09.17.08) In his message on 9.17.08, CBU's Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery challenges students to strive for spiritual maturity through worship. This message defines what true worship is, how/why God should be worshiped in this manner and just exactly what it means to "worship with purpose."

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Rick Warren (09.10.08) In his message on 9.10.08, "America's Pastor" Rick Warren kicked off "The Year of Purpose" by challenging the students of CBU to begin/continue living their purpose as God has sought fit for them do. This message truly hit home as Rick was warmly welcomed back to the university he once called home.

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