Dennis Jernigan (02.27.09) In his message on 02.27.09, Dennis Jernigan proclaims the lovingkindess God has shared in his life to CBU body. In this 45 minute presentation of song and sermon, Mr. Jernigan challenges the students to know, understand and repent towards Jesus, acknowledging Him as their Savior from hell and their wrong-doings.

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Leah O'Brien-Amico (02.18.09) In her message on 02.18.09, softball Olympian and 3-time Gold Medalist Leah O'Brien-Amico tells the story of how a seemingly great life is not all it seems to be. Her story tells the journey of one supposed Christian girl growing up only to find out that her actions did not speak the same message as her mouth because her foundation was not on The Rock. The main Bible passage used today is Matthew 7:24-29.

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Seek Week-
In his message on 02.13.09, Claude Hickman addresses the CBU body about the importance of reaching out to the community around us as well as across the globe. Mr. Hickman stresses the importance of God's name being proclaimed throughout the earth and that His will be done, not our own.

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Dr. Walter Price (02.11.09) Seek Week-
In his message on 02.11.09, Dr. Walter Price, senior pastor of The Fellowship in the Pass church in Beaumont, California, addresses the importance in understanding the true Gospel in its unfiltered form. Dr. Price uses Acts 2 to demonstrate how the Gospel as portrayed in Luke 24 is put into action by the Church Founders.

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Rick Holland (02.09.09)
Seek Week-
In his message on 02.09.09, Pastor Rick Holland of Grace Community Church located in Sun Valley, CA, leads off CBU's Seek Week with a message concerning the very heart and nature of God. Using Jonathan Edwards "Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God" sermon as a jumping point, Pastor Holland leads the CBU body in a clear study of Romans 5:6-11, which serves as today's Biblical passage.

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Dr. Amy Stumpf (02.04.09) In her message on 02.04.09, CBU's only female professor of Christian Studies, Dr. Amy Stumpf brings her trademark ukulele, a 'can-do' attitude and some very special guests to the attention of the student body by addressing the very serious topic of human trafficking during CBU's "Justice Week." Dr. Stumpf stays within the book of Ephesians throughout her sermon.

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