Jay Stovall and Aimee Sayre share a piece of the story of their time at CBU, along with the stories of many other students through the videos shown. Each story is unique, but they all display how God has been working in the lives of these students.

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Brian Zunigha (03.26.10)

In his Message, Brian Zunigha, Director of Campus Ministries at CBU, teaches on how to finish the right race, which is the Biblical command to make disciples, by going through the great commission, Matthew 28:16-20.

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Bryan Clay, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Men's Decathlon, shares his story of giving himself entirely to God, and where God has brought him since. Micah McDaniel, CBU Sports Information Director, conducts the interview.

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Dr. Micah Parker (03.24.10)

Dr. Micah Parker, CBU Athletic Director, challenges students to praise God through difficult times and allow God to walk us through the valley through Proverbs 3:5-7, 1 Peter 5:7, and some of the stories from his own life.

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In his message, Dr. Todd Bates, Assistant Professor of Philosophy spoke about the two greatest commandments: loving God and loving your neighbor.  He then challenges students to live their purpose right now in the present by obeying these commandments.

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John Montgomery (03.05.10)

In his message based on 1 Corinthians 10:31, John Montgomery, Dean of Spiritual Life at California Baptist University speaks on the glory of God and challenges students to live daily to give God the glory He demands.

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In his message, Kneeland Brown, Director of Diversity Initiatives at Azusa Pacific University speaks on 1 Samuel 3:1-10.  He tells of his experience of growing up in church and never paying attention to what God is doing around him.  Kneeland realized that living his purpose started with listening to God’s voice, similar to when Samuel obeyed God’s voice in the passage.  He then challenges students to listen to God through His word, instead of trying to do things our own way.

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Michael Franzese (02.24.10)


In his message, Michael Franzese, former mob boss for the Colombo crime family in New York talks about how God changed his life in the midst of imprisonment, abandonment, and loneliness.  He challenges students to repent from sin and turn to Christ regardless of what they have done in the past.


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Jeff Iorg (02.17.10)

In his message, Dr. Jeff Iorg, President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary presents what it means to be saved from the present evil age.  He then warns students to never turn away from proclaiming the gospel, even if it creates relational tension with others.

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John Montgomery (02.12.10)

In his message, John Montgomery, Dean of Spiritual Life gives a Biblical account of Jesus’ return by referencing the book of Revelation as his main passage.  He also challenges students to “Embrace the eternal, instead of the temporary” as they anticipate the return of Jesus, the King.

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In his message, Brian Zunigha, Director of Campus Ministries at California Baptist University spoke about Jesus as a “Stone of Stumbling and the Rock of Offense.”  Brian claims that Jesus was obedient to God the Father and in doing so caused offense among many.  He then challenges students to be followers of Christ even if they find adversity with others.

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John Montgomery, Dean of Spiritual Life at California Baptist University and Brian Zunigha, Director of Campus Ministries at California Baptist University, laid out the characteristics of Jesus Christ as the “Son of God, Son of Man.”  This message is the first of three messages for SeekWeek with “Jesus” as the theme.

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Dennis Jernigan (02.03.10)

In his message, Dennis Jernigan, author of classic Christian songs such as All in All, uses his musical talents to continue to inspire Christians across the country. To find out more about Dennis, you may visit his website @ dennisjernigan.com

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In her message, Kay Warren—Author, Speaker and International HIV/AIDS Advocate from Saddleback Church references Mark 8:34 as she challenges students to live their lives in full surrender to God by taking up their cross and following him.

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In his message, California Baptist University’s Assistant Director of Mobilization, Jared Dobbins references Luke 14:1-24 as he addresses the issues of the heart.  He teaches that Jesus wants to expose the self-righteous behavior we sometimes display on the outside, in order to expose our heart.  Jared urges students to place their affections on Christ and as a result, we will be truly driven to worship and serve Him.  

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Romanita Hairston (1.20.10)

In her message, Romanita Hairston, Vice President of U.S. Programs at World Vision tells of her personal experiences in the issues of justice. She shares her discovery of Biblical hope found in the midst of an unjust world.  She challenges students to seek justice in the world and to share the love of Christ to people who have lost hope.

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John Montgomery (01.13.10)

In his message, California Baptist University’s Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery talks about forgiveness.  He references Matthew 18:21-35 which shows believers how important it is to forgive, just as Jesus has forgiven us.  He then discusses the hindrances that stop us from forgiving and how we can overcome them in order to truly forgive.

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