John Montgomery (11.19.08) In his message on 11.19.08, CBU's Dean of Spiritual Life, John Montgomery, discusses the nature of Jesus' being and His very meaning for our lives. Mr. Montgomery uses Colossians 1:15-17 as a reference point for the recipient of this message.

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In his message on 11.14.08, Tony Dockery, a CBU trustee board member and pastor of St. Stephens Church in Riverside, CA, challenges the men of CBU to "Be Da Man." Mr. Dockery expands on this subject using Psalms 1 as his main text and strongly encourages the men to be girded with their Sword at all times.
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In his message on 11.12.08, CBU's Brian Zunigha tells the story of how we as Christians have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas and have succumbed to the secular society's meaning. Mr. Zunigha expands on this topic using many passages of Scripture.
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In her message on 11.05.08, Becky White paints the tale of her life, one in which she had to learn the true definition and meaning of love. In her heart to heart with the women of CBU, Becky explains how knowing and understanding the nature of God gives her comfort no matter the circumstances. The text used in today's podcast is Ephesians 1.
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